Working hours : Mon - Sat : 10AM - 7PM

Why Us?

We are considered the best because of the following reasons:

  • Fair trade policies help us develop our relations with our customers and other business partners stronger.
  • Our products are highly used for adding the value to the products like fabrics, bags and other accessories.
  • Manufacturing our product-line using the best quality material. Also, customizing them as per their product lines.
  • Greater joy to our company lies is making our customers happy by providing them quality Designer Brooch Pin, Fancy Lace and other products at fair prices.

Work Environment

To keep everyone we are associated with satisfied and have better results of operations, we maintain good work environment at our premises. We always maintain positivity at our workplace which ultimately leads to higher production without getting quality being compromised.

Assured Quality

We deliver quality embellishments including Fancy Lace, Designer Latkan, Designer Brooch Pin and more that always make their ways to their customers heart. Made using top-of-the-line material, our embellishments are high in quality and perfect for almost every project, be it enhancing the look of a fabric, footwear or bag. Our quality analysts also follow techniques of quality management system to ensure that our products are repeatedly purchased by our customers.

Variety to Choose From

We are counted among the business partners from whom customers from the fashion industry can buy embellishments of different kinds at the fair prices to complete their fashion projects without spending overboard. Moreover, making those products look more presentable.

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